Final Walkthrough and Settlement

keys on wooden table

Before handing over your money and accepting the keys to your new castle, you will have the opportunity to do a final walk-through of the property.  This is usually a formality only but remember:  it is the last chance you will have to notice that that chandelier that was promised to you has been removed or that major scratches were made in the new wood floors by the furniture movers.  If necessary, adjustments can be made at closing to rectify such unlikely events. 

Assuming all is well with the walk-through, the Settlement will proceed as scheduled on the Closing Date (usually at the office of one of the lawyers) where all closing documents will be signed and checks exchanged.  Included in the settlement are payments for legal fees, commissions, transfer taxes, agreed-upon adjustments and other closing costs. 

The property title and copies of all documentation will be exchanged.  You will be free to move in on the Possession Date as specified in your agreement.

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